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Construction and channeling 26 trap ow somewhere

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Unformatted text preview: ing: build artificial levees, protect from flood waters Flood Mitigation: Levee construction and Channeling 26 - trap flow somewhere where can be held for a while then Flood Mitigation: Storm water retention basins gradually release (like a dam) 27 9 - La: prone to flashflood - guide water down Flood Mitigation: Channeling: • one of the many ________ concrete drainage channels in L.A. - accomadate flow, too much water lets little flooding Restoration: • natural drainage channel restoration in North Carolina negatives: cost (maintain), going to pollute where drains along with some suage 28 Flood control in the Upper Thames Region - Fanshawe Dam: used to control the water flow, high rainfall, track water behind dam, flow slow, let water out gradually - let parking lot flood a little if needed (Springs) Fanshawe Dam 29 New Orleans: Surface water and flooding - along coastal areas, on delta, surrounded by water Water depth after Katrina 2005 - sinking naturally - Katrina = concrete levees build on lose sediment, water coming through, pressure of water, undermining the levees; they broke Overtopping a Scouring b c Shear flow Saturated soil Piping Failure of ______ and floodwalls levees 30 10 - 3 Gorges Dam in China: largest dam ever built Three Gorges Dam: Saviour or Catastrophe? - hydroelectricity - consequences for surrounding people: flooding behind the dam, ppl had to be evacuated, lost farm land, livelihood, wildlife is pretty much gone, pollution: increase outflow, more concentrated (suage, pollu.), behind dam = mentinence 31 and dredge out the sediment, more sediment to build on top other areas, tectonically active areas: located along the fault (it's a question of w - importance of awareness 11...
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