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3 1 cut bank active erosion because of mass wasting

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Unformatted text preview: bank: active erosion because of mass wasting) Slopes prone to mass wasting: Natural slopes - river banks - mountain slopes - fault surfaces - wave-cut shorelines - glacial valleys Man made: - road-cuts - excavation projects - gravel pits - quarries -drainage ditches 4 - some materials are hard, others lose and not hold very well Factors affecting susceptibility toward mass wasting -water: soil and sediment Earth Materials Slope angle and topography Water Climate Vegetation Time - climate: nature of water content - vegetation: more secure - time: mass wasting, take time till get to threshold Failure of material (and thus mass wasting) occurs when ______ driving force (gravity acting on weight of material) exceeds resisting forces (friction and cohesion) 5 Factors affecting susceptibility toward mass wasting Angle of Repose -grain size and shape (+ amount Angle of repose: the maximum angle that a given type of loose material will sustain - properties of sand: wet vs dry of water - angle of repose: what is influencing this = shape and grain size - rounder = lower angle of repose - add water: dry, put water in it, can hold vertical surfaces - changes this angle of repose because of surface tension Press & Siever, 1998 Note differences in angle of repose according to grain size and water content *Questions asked in class: appear on exams* 6 (cling to surfaces) - too much water: fluidy 2 Factors affecting susceptibility toward mass wasting - increase slope, increase driving...
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