Awareness of municipal government toward need for

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Unformatted text preview: g codes that control steepness of slopes and surface-water drainage from site 2. Knowing the geologic history of area (requires geologic mapping to identify active andancient landslide areas and the further studies to _______ determine the timing, triggering factors, and scale of previous landslide events. (recognize places where it's happened, learn not to build there) 22 Other measures (from engineering standpoint): Grading (add material to reduce slope angle) Surface and subsurface drainage control (devices to permit drainage of excess water from soil and underlying weathered rock). Retaining walls, and slope supports (stabilize slope and support surfaces of potential weakness such as fault planes and rupture surfaces under potential slump blocks). Anchoring into bedrock (to reduce load and prevent slippage of man-made structures due to deformation of loose materials) (put pilings in), retaining walls 23 Preventing landslides: Some good strategies (as described in previous slide) BOTTOM LINE: MASS WASTING EVENTS ARE EXPENSIVE TO PREVENT BUT INVESTING IN PREVENTION IS CHEAPER THAN RECOVERY! 24 8 END OF LECTURE 9...
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