Lec 10 W 6 Tue Landslides

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Unformatted text preview: n the slopes of a volcano (if assortment of surface materials, both fine- and coarse-grained) or Mudflow (if predominantly fine grained materials) Both consist of loose material mixed with a large amount of water Often confined to channels - funnel down into valley's (bad for ppl living at bottom) 15 5 Important Forms of Mass Wasting Rockslide Blocks of bedrock slide down a slope planar along a ______ surface (nice flat surface) Generally very fast and destructive 16 Canada’s Famous Rockslide: Frank Slide, April 1903 - don't know exactly what produced it Probably began as true slide, evolved into avalanche/debris flow as blocks of limestone from Turtle Mountain broke apart. - mining coal at base of mountain, old rocks thrust under younger - mining younger coal - noticed as mining, pressure being released, would allow coal to pop out - undermining mountain, making more saseptable to fall - lot of rainfall, water went into cracks, night before slide, cold weather (widened cracks bc water froze) * melting water, freezing = expansion caused it to fail Triggered by melting immediately followed by freezing ________? or perhaps influenced by coal mining act...
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