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Unformatted text preview: ivities at base of mountain? 17 - underwelming slow: Important Forms of Mass Wasting - freeze, thaw cycles (like London) Creep - curved trucks, trees go upward, adjusting their growth because Expansion and contraction of surface material leads to gradual movement of soil downhill __________ the creep - damage (wall, fences, graveyards) 18 6 Urbanization and Natural Hazards Natural Processes + Human activity + Population density = Potential Hazard! 19 Human Influence Humans have variable influence – have lots of ways to prevent landslides, but also cause them! Causes of landslides (mass wasting events) Weakening of slope material by saturation by water and weather if rock and soil (land use changes like clear cutting and __________ agriculture) Steepening of the slope by artificial or natural undercutting of toe of slope (for building and roads) Addition of weight at top of slope (dams, buildings, urbanization, roads) Humans are sculpting the surface of the earth faster than natural processes – no slope is too rugged for development 20 Urbanization: bad planning (added weight) Effects of Construction on slope stability Montgomery, 1998 21 7 Two Important Requirements for Mitigating Landslide Damage (policy) 1. Awareness of municipal government toward need for buildin...
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