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Slope increase driving force slope angle and

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Unformatted text preview: force Slope angle and topography Gravity has a greater effect on the potential downslope movement of material on steeper slopes driving Increase the slope, increase the _______ force Increase in slope angle 15 – 45o d d 7 Factors affecting susceptibility toward mass wasting - sand stick together when slightly damp, too much water = too much friction/lubrication and sand slide past Water: cohesion A little bit increases ________ (due to surface tension), too much reduces friction (due to lubricating effect of free water). Sand, for example sticks together is slightly damp but no longer sticks together when saturated with water Climate: Influences amount and timing of rain/snow Controls infiltration of water into soil and erosion 8 - El Nino: due to oceanic circulation (convaerbelt system) Example showing the significance of water in mass wasting processes - cool regions tend to get warm, lots of water coming down, saturating materials, mud flows, sweep everything up along way - once water gets into this, mud flows come fast (without warming) - high slope, materials weakened due to water Rainfall during El Nino years San Francisco Bay area Climatic disturbances (such as El Nino) that warm normally cool regions (leading to snow melt), or bring heavy rainfall to normally ___ regions can mean the saturation of loose materials by water, leading to fluid behaviour (liquefaction) dry 9 3 Factors affecting susceptibility toward mass wasting - vegetation/roots: like anchor, a...
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