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Unformatted text preview: dd weight Vegetation: Cushions impact of falling rain, reduces surface erosion Facilitates _infiltration - worms make holes, water can _________ Adds roots, increases cohesion Adds weight go down Time • Seasonal responses to rain fall chemical • ___________weathering and reduction of cohesive strength - solid rock, etc. longer time it has to weather, - chemical reaction of material to water the more supseptible it is to getting into motion 10 Classification of mass wasting processes by: Type of movement (mechanism) Type of material moved Rate of movement (velocity) 11 - can get complex TYPE OF MOVEMENT (MECHANISM) MATERIAL RATE (VELOCITY) - 12 Pipkin & Trent, 2001 4 Important Forms of Mass Wasting Slump Material moves coherent as ________ mass along a curved surface - internal deformation - acting as fluid 13 Important Forms of Mass Wasting Earth Slump Water-saturated materials rich in clay and silt fail initially as slump but evolves _____ downslope into a flow - steep sided scarts Slump (or slump + earthflow) Slump Earthflow - saturated with water/flowed Common on hillsides in humid regions 14 Important Forms of Mass Wasting Debris flow - mudflow/debris flow relating to volcanoes? • lahara: destructive mudflow o...
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