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14 maps according to intensity map can tell you where

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Unformatted text preview: er Scale) (not exclusive..) 14 - maps according to intensity - map can tell you where epicentre is (in general, amount of shaking) Earthquake Intensity - historical records, map out potential earthquake areas Did you feel it? http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqcenter/dyfi.php 15 5 - can see where plate boundaries are Earthquake belts WHERE??? - convergent, divergent (less at) boundaries Distribution of magnitude 5 or greater earthquakes, 1980 - 1990 16 - energy released IN the earth Locating the source of earthquakes and earthquake depths - cold war = excelerated something… nuclear vibrations/blasts - the nuc. vibs/signatures are diff Magnitude Shallow: 8.6 Intermediate: 7.5 Deep: 6.9 17 Earthquakes and humans: Effects of Earthquakes Risk and Prediction Mitigating effects 18 6 - release of energy (taking twig, start bending it, before snaps... …hear splinter, splinter…SNAP… splinter, splinter Earthquake cycle - main break, then needs to get settled after/foreshock or aftershock Foreshocks and aftershocks Foreshocks: shocks which often precede a major earthquake by days or, in some cases, by as much as several years - ppl already in shock, in stress… then another one after (not reliable that large quake is going to happen) Aftershocks: shocks following major earthquakes can be more devastated (sometimes more dev...
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