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f luid injection land use planning types of

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Unformatted text preview: quake _seeding ??? ________ f luid injection Land use planning types of construction and determining where it is safest to build (in anticipation of earthquake) Structural design and building code Recovery plans 35 Summary of earthquake occurrence Earthquakes release of stored energy in earth crust Earthquakes: where stress >> rock strength Energy travels in waves: Surface waves (slowest most destructive); Body or interior waves: P primary (fastest), S secondary Focus = source Epicentre = location on earth surface Size: measured by intensity and magnitude Most common magnitude scale: Richter scale Where: in a few relatively narrow zones around the globe 36 12 Summary of earthquakes and humans Amount of destruction is a function of: the magnitude and duration of the shaking construction material Substrate (underlying soil or rock) Effects: Shaking, rupture, liquefaction, fires, land slides, tsunamis Earthquake forecast??? Yes!!! When??? difficult to say, predictions are at best a range… current thinking: “if you live your whole life in California you will likely see a BIG ONE” 37 END OF LECTURE 38 13...
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