then entire ground can sink or water injected between

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Unformatted text preview: move... - then entire ground can sink - or water injected between, too much water = liquifies.. flows 24 8 - loose sand/mud. water gets in and then flows! Effects of Earthquakes: Liquefaction In 1964 liquefaction and uneven ground settling resulting from an earthquake caused apartment buildings to ____ sink and collapse in Niigata, Japan. Many of the buildings were not structurally damaged; they simply keeled over onto their sides. 25 - water into sed, became fluid, mud flow that took out lots ppl in secs Landslides Landslide: 1970 Peru Caused by earthquake Destroys 2 villages (lower right) 70,000 lives lost; 20,000 by a landslide 26 Fires: The 1906 Earthquake of San Francisco. Most of the fires damage was done by _____ after the quake often referred to as the “San Francisco Fire” 27 9 - peaks just under a month after event Disease Histogram of the almost-epidemic outbreak of coccidioidomycosis (valley fever) in Ventura County in early 1994 following the North...
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