Lec 11 W 6 Thurs Earthquakes

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Unformatted text preview: d) C. Slippage D. Strain Released 4 - when crust is stretched: Types of faults and movement based on: • direction of applied stress • the sense of motion relative to the _fault ____ 5 - body waves (move through interior) Energy radiates in all directions from the source “E” moves in waves Interior : P waves “Primary” S waves “Secondary Exterior: Surface waves Focus earthquake waves originate Epicentre location on the surface directly above the focus _____ -epi-surface (point on earth surface above the focus 6 2 - first wave = primary, followed by secondary wave Body waves: travel through Earth’s interior Primary (P) waves: -like slinky 7 - s wave = sheer motion, up/down Body waves: travel through Earth’s interior Secondary (S) waves 8 - like water, when throwing pebble in water Surface; R- waves - can see ground ripple 9 3 - old school version: when shaking occurs, the whole thing moves, there is a lag in the movement in the pen… pendulum, recording the movement on stationary object Seismology The study of earthquake waves, Seismometers are instruments that record seismic waves - said like "size-mometer" Records the movement of Earth in relation to a stationary mass on a rotating drum ____ or magnetic tape 10 - push pull through material, then sheer motion (particles moving up/down The Epicentre is located using the difference in velocities of P and S waves - secondary...
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