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Delaylonger path not just straight through have to go

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Unformatted text preview: arrive after p wave?…delay/longer path.. not just straight through, have to go up and down - sooo S waves are slower (think of thunder storm and counting how close/far it is.. "1 1000, 2 1000"...delay (think s as thunder.. after p wave - surface wave = most damage 5 minutes 11 - further away from epicentre, longer the time gap Locating the epicentre of an earthquake A Time Travel Graph: used to locate ________ to distance epicentre triangulation used to locate epicentre 12 4 - circles intersect; time lag at 3 diff stations... - where intersect = epicentre Locating the epicentre - epicentre has to be on the radius somewhere along that circle Triangulation from 3 stations Mid-Atlantic Ridge 13 - someone could feel it stronger b/c of the building, where it's built (ground) Measuring the size of earthquakes Two measurements that describe the size of an earthquake are Intensity – a measure of the degree of earthquake _______ shaking at a given locale based on the amount of damage (based on amount of damage, shaking felt) Magnitude – estimates the amount of energyreleased ______ at the source of the earthquake (Richt...
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