Things weakened then its last straw and collapses

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Unformatted text preview: astating...things weakened, then it's last straw and collapses; also people think it's over…then you feel another again) 19 - buildings collapsing, being weakened, buildings shifted off foundations Northridge; damage 20 - also where education comes in…how buildings are created in relation to earthquakes Seismogram of early aftershocks following the Northridge earthquake, magnitude 3.0 to 5.9. There was a sharp drop in aftershock frequency in the first four days. 21 7 - nature of structures - absolute devastation: buildings didn't have best foundaitions Earthquake destruction Amount of structural damage depends on - structural integrity was low…many people die Intensity and duration of the vibrations _substrate _________ Design of the structure - what building is built on: - built on hard ignious = feel some shaking vs sedimentary ... feel it more… then loose sediment, and mud 22 - ripping action, see where chunk is downthrown Effects of Earthquakes: Immediate effects: Shaking: as the EQ waves move through the area Rupture Ground rupture: faulting fracturing and ________ of the ground surface Fault Scarp 23 - if loose sediment, sand/mud: means all spaces between particles is empty space, filled by water Effects of Earthquakes: Liquefaction of the ground - water loobs particles so can...
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