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Unformatted text preview: t reality check!!! Disposal • Where??? (e.g. Toronto) • Garbage as an export (to the US) seems almost absurd, but was routine from 2003 to 2011 (shipped to Michigan)! • Toronto’s garbage is now landfilled at Green Lane Landfill site (Southwold, ON, approx. 10 km south of London) - is not landfill Solutions: • REDUCTION! Recycling, reusing, composting 18 6 A look at London’s trash Our diversion history – Reducing by reusing •In London, population continues to increase, but amount of garbage going to landfills (per person) has been levelling at much lower figures. A 40% reduction in annual per capita garbage disposed since 1987 (mostly due to increased recycling, reusing and composting). A good example of how environmental awareness can make an impact (but we could still do better). 19 End of Lecture 20 7...
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