dont think so refuse it what to do continued

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Unformatted text preview: 't think so" - refuse it, what to do? continued south…refused by more The barge continued south, seeking an alternative dump site. Was refused by Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Texas, followed by Florida, the Bahamas, Mexico and Belize. Headed back north, where the garbage was ultimately incinerated in Brooklyn, NY EIGHT MONTHS after the initial departure of the barge. Hazardous waste management: The old way - chem waste, barrels, put somewhere Old methods of storage and uncontrolled dumping - rust, leek, prob (surface water, and groundwater) - groundwater moves slowly, contaminates (SO LONG TO CLEAN, flush contaminants through) - they can remain in system (slow pass) and have prob Problems everywhere! At one time, very serious problems of illegal dumping. Environmental awareness and public pressure have brought positive changes to practices (even so, some problems come back to haunt us) even distance from place 12 4 Hazardous waste management: The new way - this is part of business (best interest in company to Now getting better with stricter regulations and more ethical practices of companies (not only in waste management but also in mining industries). Disposa...
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