Landfill pit lined with plastic and impermeable

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Unformatted text preview: ith plastic AND impermeable compacted clay as first line of defense against leachate leakage. - safe guard envi from leeching: stuff dissolved in water coming down (lining it, preventing it from going into gr - used plastic bag kinda thing (even though eventually degrades) … use of clay then, natural and imperme - line dump with clay, pack it, then plastic liner also Additional features: Leachate collection system (to collect leachate before it can leak into groundwater) Vadose and phreatic zone monitoring wells (early detection system for leachate contamination) - monitoring wells below water table into ground of sat. 8 6a State-of-the-art landfills now also collect the methane gas produced within the landfill as organic waste decomposes. - collect methane gas: decom of organic matter (microb Significance of methane collection: and make the gas) natural gas, simple carbon 1. Methane is highly flammable and potentially dangerous if leaked into ground or air (it’s also a greenhouse gas) - low oxy conditions, it is made 2. The collected methane can...
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