The collected methane can also be used as fuel

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Unformatted text preview: also be used as fuel (another example of using waste as a resource). 9 - problem in landfills, it is flammable, leek into ground water, end up in ground water supplies (hazardous!) - also greenhouse gas (worse then carbon dioxide!) - eliminate: collect methane, use as resource, sell 3 7 Municipal Waste Disposal: Examples of Attenuation - reduce bulk, (small space, do it more) CONS: burning Incineration • Pros: reduce volume of solid waste that must be disposed in landfills • Cons: requires energy ($) and can contribute to air pollution consumes energy and monayyyy, ash and contain toxic materi - no pros dude…get rid of garbage but CONS: pollutes Ocean Dumping • Pros: Are there any? Cons: pollution of many different forms! aquatic area, organic matter high demand of oxy in lakes so bad for aquat. ecos The big problem with garbage: Nobody wants it! (the NIMBY factor) 10 The Famous Mobro trash barge On March 22, 1987, the Mobro 4000 left Islip, New York, with a 3,168 ton of New York City garbage headed to Morehead City, North Carolina (for a pilot project involving methane production) North Carolina officials refused to take the garbage (on suspicion that it contained toxic components) - no one wants garbage: barge from Queens to North C - "are there any hazardous materials?" "don...
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