Interacts with what was in the soil dioxin highly

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Unformatted text preview: ubdivision. interacts with what was in the soil, dioxin: highly toxic By the mid-1970s, construction activity and heavy rainstorms led to the chemicals leaking to the surface. With it, came reports of strange odours, and high incidence of illness, including unusual skin afflictions, leukemia and rare cancers. Chromosome damage was reported in 33% of the population. - "agent orange" = Vietnam, clear out vegetation (same group of chems), drums rust and leek It was ultimately found that 248 harmful chemicals had leaked to the surface, including high levels of dioxin (the same family of chemicals as “agent orange” used to defoliate trees in the Vietnam War. - # of illness (skin), luk, cancer, cromozone damage, odorous from ground By 1977, the neighbourhood was largely deserted. - still deserted (may be out of sight, not out of mind) 16 Hazardous waste management 1950 Love Canal NY: Toxic dump site 1980 1980’s 175 million to clean it up!!! 17 9 - one of main export was garbage > Michigan Waste managemen...
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