Suage attenuation dilute waste or reduce waste volume

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Unformatted text preview: • dilute waste or reduce waste volume until it’s no longer a problem 5 3 Municipal Waste Disposal: In Developing World (Compare these images with one of our landfills) - what does this tell us: even in developing areas... - why they picking through? (sell, reuse it themselves) Examples in developing countries (should give us pause in considering how much “garbage” could be reused) - has stuff in it/tech that can be used (everything used came from somewhere) 6 2 4/5 Municipal Waste Disposal Landfills: - big road blocks in finding site (not in my back yard) Placement regulated (don't want it near them) Designed for specific site (taking into account characteristics of local soil, bedrock, climate, groundwater conditions, etc). - no place available for ppl to agree and put it Monitored: before, during & after active use - soil (permi), bedrock (permi or not), climate (break down of material), groundwater condi (disturbing it) - monitoring: before garb goes in, while there and after 7 site is abandoned 6 Municipal Waste Disposal: Basic Landfill Design Main purposes: to isolate solid waste and safeguard against groundwater contamination by leachate. Landfill pit lined w...
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