Lecture 8 - Slavic Religions-Dualism and Christianity

D died mixed zoroastrian buddhist and christian mixed

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Unformatted text preview: sian prophet The (died 274 A.D.) (died Mixed Zoroastrian, Buddhist, and Christian Mixed teachings teachings Manichaean Dualism: important Manichaean predecessor and influence of Bogomilism Bogomilism Creation is the mixing of Light/Goodness Creation and Darkness/Evil and Humans = Light + Darkness Souls must work to free the Light Evil in Manichaeism Light & Darkness separate at death Souls of nonbelievers are trapped in the Souls body body Belong to Darkness/Evil Must work evil to continue to “live” Bogomilism Bogomilism Late revival of Manichaeism Balkans, 7th–14th centuries Evil in Bogomilism Evil has the same basic, ultimate quality Evil as Good as Evil in Bogomilism “Positive”, i.e., existing on its own Not just a distortion or deprivation of Good Vampires and Bogomilism The soul is divine The body is the tomb of the soul Belongs to Evil/the Devil Dead souls can be trapped Piercing or cremation frees them 4. Christianity 4. a. Eastern Orthodox Christianity Bulgarians Macedonians Serbs Russians Ukrainians and Belarusians Romanians b. Roman Catholic Christianity b. Poles Czechs Slovaks Slovenes Croats Ukrainian and Belarusian minority Hungarians Evil in Christian Belief Evil Everything was created good Evil = the abuse of free will Not “positive” (existing on its own) Deprivation of good In Animism, Polytheism, Dualism there are In inherently evil beings inherently Caused disasters They need to be placated Not supposed to be done in Christian belief Evil in Christian Belief Natural disasters are not “evils” but the will Natural of God for perfecting people of Not caused by ill-willed beings Evil in Catholic/Orthodox Belief Humans become evil by disobedience Misled by devils Hence vampires result from sin God’s will for testing people To be fought with faith St...
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