Lecture 8 - Slavic Religions-Dualism and Christianity

Failure and appear in reality what are the four

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Unformatted text preview: t are the four layers of Eastern European religious beliefs? Animism What is animism? What in Eastern European animism explains the belief in the undead? Settled dead are good “ancestors” Vampires are not “ancestors” Not yet in the world of the dead In the human world but not of it Polytheism What is polytheism? What in Eastern European polytheism explains the belief in the undead? Beings from the Underworld threaten life and fertility They are associated with darkness and night So are vampires Dualism What is dualism? What in Eastern European dualism explains the belief in the undead? The soul is divine The body is the tomb of the soul Belongs to Evil/the Devil Dead souls can be trapped Piercing or cremation frees them Christianity What in Eastern European Christianity explains the belief in the undead? Humans become evil by disobedience Misled by devils Hence vampires result from sin God’s will for testing people To be fought with faith...
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