Lecture 8 - Slavic Religions-Dualism and Christianity

Thunderbolts dispenses peruns at devils peruns elijah

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Unformatted text preview: e by flinging thunderbolts Dispenses (“peruns”) at devils (“peruns”) Elijah was a good substitute for Perun Elijah because he was said to have gone up to heaven in a fiery chariot heaven Elijah ascends to heaven in a fiery chariot Elijah (Russian icon) Elijah Elijah is portrayed as a hasty, angrylooking man with a beard Much like the Thunder God Elijah (North Russian, 15th Century) (North The Vampire as Anti-Saint The Vampire functions as a “parody” of Vampire another culturally important figure another The incorrupt (non-decaying) saint The lack of decay in a body was an The ambivalent phenomenon ambivalent It could signify a body whose soul was It “bound” inside (= a vampire) “bound” It could be a sign of God’s grace towards It one who had overcome the sins of the physical world physical Saints Saints Holy Belong to God Soul apart from the Soul body and in heaven body Belong to the Belong resurrected dead resurrected Vampires Unclean (Taboo) Belong to Devil Soul still in body and Soul on earth on Belong to neither Belong living nor dead living Saints Saints Baptized Prevailing religion Celibate Pure in life Vampires Can be unbaptized Can be heretical Sexually active Evil or neutral Saints Saints Vampires Holy death Buried in holy ground Buried with proper Buried church rites church Improper Death Not always buried in Not holy ground holy Not always buried Not with church rites with Saints Saints Vampires Incorrupt/dead Smell like roses Look radiant No blood on corpse or No grave grave Incorrupt/undead Stink Look bloody Blood on corpse and Blood grave grave Saints Saints Help and inspire the Help living living Heal the sick Perform beneficial Perform miracles miracles Appear in visions Vampires Harm and kill the Harm living living Cause sickness Cause bad weather Cause and crop failure and Appear in “reality” Wha...
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