Lecture 13 - Literary Vampire in the 18th & 19th Century

Th the demon lover romantic image g bergers lenore

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Unformatted text preview: en I kiss you, And kiss you as a vampire, And if you are trembling And faint into my arms, Feebly sinking into death, Then I will ask you, Is my teaching better than your good mother your good mother’s? Th The Demon Lover Romantic Image G. Berger’s “Lenore” (1773) Berger Lenore (1773) Goethe’s “Bride of Corinth” (1797) Th The Demon Lover Dead spirit or devil Returns to destroy former mistress to destroy former mistress Revenge for her “unfaithfulness” Th The Demon Lover Repellent but attractive Lover whom even death cannot stop whom even death cannot stop Visits are threatening “Survivor Syndrome” “S Cf. folk beliefs that vampires visit their widows Liminals (married without mates) “Survivor Syndrome” “S Vampire rationalizes sexual deprivation and abandonment Symbolizes the sense that relationships persist after death persist after death “Survivor Syndrome” “S Those left behind can experience feelings of abandonment Also guilt that others have suffered rather than themselves than themselves Th The Demon Lover Not a consummation of love Seeks the life of the beloved the life of the beloved Total possession, body and soul Th The Demon Lover Demon Lover is a sadistic image Romanticism emphasized violent, even emphasized violent even unbalanced emotions Age of Marquis de Sade (1740–1814) of Marquis...
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