Fast Food Nation

240 hiring practices 7072 hispanics see latinos

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Unformatted text preview: graphy. The photograph of Nancy Donley’s son Alex speaks much louder than words, and I am grateful to her for allowing me to include it. Eugene Richards is one of the finest documentary photographers, ever. I am indebted to him for letting me use two of his photos. On short notice, Skylar Nielsen and Greg Skinner went out and shot just what I needed. Rob Buchanan hired a small airplane in order to photograph the feedlots of Weld County from above. Though none of his aerial feedlot photos is included here, I applaud the spirit behind that move and thank him for letting me use one of his more prosaic cattle shots. And Mark Mann took a picture that says it all. Among the hundreds of people I interviewed for this book, a handful deserve special thanks for the help, the insights, and the inspiration they provided. Dale Lasater, Steve Bjerklie, Kenny and Clara Dobbins, Javier Ramirez, Dave Feamster, and the rancher whom I call Hank spent countless hours speaking with me. I’m grateful for all their time and for all I learned from them. I would never have become a journalist without the support of William Whitworth and Cullen Murphy at the Atlantic Monthly. Their influence now pervades everything I write. Corby Kummer has demonstrated over the years that prose can have both substance and style. And Amy Meeker has again and again shown me the importance, and the ethical imperative, of being right about every...
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