Fast Food Nation

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Unformatted text preview: ver asked me to tone down my criticism of powerful and litigious corporations, who let me follow the story wherever it led, from the strip malls of Colorado to the back roads of Saxony. In an age of media concentration and timidity, he is an oddly old-fashioned figure: an independent, outspoken editor and publisher who truly supports investigative journalism. Bob Love recruited me for this assignment, backed me all the way, and made writing for the magazine a pleasure. Will Dana came up with the initial idea, supplying the title and the underlying aim: view America through its fast food. He proved to be a wonderful editor and friend. Eamon Dolan is another old-fashioned, quickly vanishing American type: a book editor who edits. He helped me expand the work without losing its focus, spared me embarrassment by urging the removal of certain material, made me seem more intelligent by suggesting the inclusion of other material. His ideas ranged from the broadly thematic to the seemingly trivial, yet revealing, and now grace the book without attribution. He read every word...
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