Fast Food Nation

and diane arndt supreme court of iowa no 25895477

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Unformatted text preview: Records, and Unsafe Conditions in the Meatpacking Industry,” FortySecond Report by the Committee on Government and Operations (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1988), p. 12. 160 roughly two-thirds of the workers at the beef plant: Interview with Javier Ramirez, former president of UFCW Local 990, Greeley, Colorado. A spokesman for ConAgra recently acknowledged: Interview with Brett Fox, director of industry affairs and media relations, ConAgra Beef Company. “There is a 100 percent turnover rate annually”: Quoted in James M. Burcke, “1994 Risk Manager of the Year: Meatpacker’s Losses Trimmed Down to Size,” Business Insurance, April 18, 1994. 161 Arden Walker, the head of labor relations at IBP: Quoted in “Here’s the Beef,” p. 11. 162 Picking strawberries in California pays: For the role and the wages of Latino mi-grants in California agriculture, see Schlosser, “In the Strawberry Fields.” refugees and asylum-seekers… homeless people living at shelters: See “IBP; Meat Processing Pl...
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