Fast Food Nation

gave me a much brighter view of the industry peter

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Unformatted text preview: 94. about 100,000 people: Cited in Donald Blount, “Colorado’s Pace of Growth Likely to Taper Off in 1999,” Denver Post, February 7, 1999. ranked forty-ninth in the nation: The ranking, by Education Week magazine in 1998, took into account the state’s per capita spending on schools, cost of living, and personal income. Cited in Janet Bingham, “Schools Get Lower Marks,” Denver Post, January 8, 1999. three times the number of cars: Cited in Terri Cotten, “Colorado Springs: City Grapples with Gridlock,” Denver Post, May 23,1999. annual surplus of about $700 million: Cited in Burt Hubbard, “Tax Cut Feeding Frenzy,” Rocky Mountain News, April 18, 1999. one-third of the surface area: See White, It’s Your Misfortune, p. 550. 65 the largest private employer in the state today: Cited in “1998 Menu of Facts,” Colorado Restaurant Association. restaurant industry has grown much faster than the population: To determine the rate of growth, I counted the number of restaurants listed in the Colorado Springs Yellow Pa...
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