Fast Food Nation

p 515 19 worship as you are quoted in jackson

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Unformatted text preview: used the word “hires” as a synonym. See “Welcome to McDonald’s.” the nation’s largest purchaser of beef, pork, and potatoes… the second largest purchaser of chicken: See Love, Behind the Arches, pp. 3– 4; Mark D. Jekanowski, “Causes and Consequences of Fast Food Sales Growth; Statistical Data Included,” U SDA Food Review, January 1, 1999. McDonald’s role as the leading pork purchaser was described to me by a pork industry executive who prefers not to be named. the largest owner of retail property in the world: See Bruce Upbin, “Beyond Burgers,” Forbes, November 1, 1999; Love, Behind the Arches, p. 4. earns the majority of its profits: McDonald’s has an unusual franchise arrangement, serving as landlord for its franchisees and adjusting lease payments according to sales levels. About 85 percent of the McDonald’s in the United States are operated by franchisees. See Emerson, New Economics of Fast Food, pp. 59-62; Love, Behind the Arches, pp. 154–57; “Welcome to McDonald...
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