Fast Food Nation

1 million in safety action health problem disabled

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Unformatted text preview: Who?, p. 98. the market value of its stock: Ibid., p. 7. “Harper told each general manager”: Quoted ibid., p. 12. “Patience, my ass”: Ibid., p. 120. 45,256 truckloads: See Tom Hughes, “Alabama Growers’ Court Settlement Not Chicken Feed,” Montgomery Advertiser, October 7, 1992. See also Richard Gibson, “ConAgra Settles Case of Cheating By Bird Weighers,” Wall Street Journal, October 9, 1992. ConAgra agreed to pay $13.6 million: Cited in Richard Gibson, “ConAgra, Hormel Pay a Pretty Penny in an Ugly Catfish Price-Fixing Case,” Wall Street Journal, December 29, 1995. ConAgra paid $8.3 million in fines: See “ConAgra Pays $8.3 Million in Penalties for Fraud Scheme,” Federal Department and Agency Documents, March 19, 1997. See also Scott Kilman, “ConAgra to Pay $8.3 Million to Settle Fraud Charges in Grain-Handling Case,” Wall Street Journal, March 20, 1997. 160 more than five thousand different people were employed: Cited in “Here’s the Beef: Underreporting of Injuries, OSHA’s Policy of Exempting Companies from Programmed Inspections Based on Injury...
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