Fast Food Nation

1 the taste of mcdonalds french fries since the

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Unformatted text preview: ise boom in the context of American postwar culture. Big Mac, by Max Boas and Steven Chain, John Love’s Behind the Arches, and Ray Kroc’s Grinding It Out also contain good material on the early days of franchising in the fast food industry. A number of articles published in academic journals helped me understand some of franchising’s finer details: Francine Lafontaine, “Pricing Decisions in Franchised Chains: A Look at the Restaurant and Fast-Food Industry,” Working Paper 5247, National Bureau of Economic Research, September 1995; Scott A. Shane, “Hybrid Organizational Arrangements and their Implications for Firm Growth and Survival: A Study of New Franchisors,” Academy of Management Journal, February 1996; H. G. Parsa, “Franchisee-Franchisor Relationships in Quick-Service-Restaurant Systems,” Cornell Hotel & Restaurant Administration Quarterly, June 1996; Scott A. Shane and Chester Spell, “Factors for New Franchise Success,” Sloan Management Review, March 22, 1998; Rober...
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