Fast Food Nation

114 an ad agency designed the outfit for the story of

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Unformatted text preview: Restaurant in American Car Culture (Osceola, Wis.: Motor-books International, 1994). Stan Luxenberg’s Roadside Empires has much information on the early days of the fast food industry, as do John Love’s Behind the Arches and Big Mac, by Max Boas and Steve Chain. William Whitworth’s profile of Colonel Sanders, “Kentucky Fried,” published in the New Yorker on February 14, 1970, remains my favorite piece of writing on fast food. Page 13 “The harder you work”: Interview with Carl Karcher. “This is heaven”: Ibid. the heart of southern California’s citrus belt: See McWilliams, Southern California Country, p. 206. The chapter titled “The Citrus Belt” is a good account of the region’s cultural and economic life. 14 the leading agricultural counties in the United States: Ibid., p. 213. See also Reisner, Cadillac Desert, p. 87. about 70,000 acres: Cited in Westcott, Anaheim, p. 67. the acronym “KIGY”: Ibid., p. 54. 15 “I’m in business for myself now”: Karcher interview. the population of southern California nearly tripled: Ci...
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