Fast Food Nation

115 thinly sliced russet burbanks in special fryers

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Unformatted text preview: dations for Workplace Violence Prevention Programs in Late-Night Retail Establishments,” U.S. Department of Labor, OSHA 3153, 1998 85 “Who would oppose putting out guidelines”: Quoted in Vartabedian, “Big Business.” “potentially damaging” robbery statistics: Quoted in Jack Hayes, “Industry Execs Nix OSHA Guidelines at ‘Security Summit,’” Nation’s Restaurant News, May 19, 1997. “No other American industry”: Interview with Joseph A. Kinney. 86 Hundreds of fast food restaurants are robbed: This is my own estimate. The Los Angeles Police Department is one law enforcement agency that does track restaurant robberies, of which the vast majority are fast food robberies. The population of Los Angeles is about one-eightieth the total U.S. population. In 1998, 520 L.A. restaurants were robbed. Even if you assume, conservatively, that L.A. restaurants are four times more likely to be robbed than restaurants elsewhere in the country, that still leaves an estimated 10,000 U.S. restaurant robberies every year. The actual number is most likely higher. The F...
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