Fast Food Nation

117 since 1980 the tonnage of potatoes grown in idaho

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Unformatted text preview: BI does compile statistics on convenience store robberies, and during the mid-1990s about 28,000 of them were robbed every year (more than 500 a week). According to the LAPD’s 1998 robbery statistics, restaurants were robbed nearly twice as often as minimarts. See “Restaurant Robberies in L.A. from 01/01/98 to 12/31/98” and “Mini-Mart Robberies in L.A. from 01/01/98 to 12/31/98,” Los Angeles Police Department; and Greg Warchoi, “Workplace Violence, 1992–96,” Bureau of Labor Statistics Special Report, July 1998. 88 “Cynics need to be in some other industry”: The speeches and panel discussions at the Thirty-eighth Annual Multi-Unit Foodserver Operator Conference were tape-recorded by the Sound of Knowledge, Inc., San Diego, California. 4. Success Mahmood A. Khan’s Restaurant Franchising (New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1992) provides a straightforward examination of the subject, much like a textbook. Stan Luxenberg’s Roadside Empires is less thorough but much more interesting, examining the franch...
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