Fast Food Nation

14 about 80 percent of the population cited ibid p

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Unformatted text preview: Penetrate New Markets: Industry Overview,” U SDA Food Review, January 1993; “Personal Consumption Expenditures,” U.S. Commerce Department. 90 percent of the country’s new jobs: Cited in Macdonald and Sirianni, Service Society, p. 1. 4 An estimated one out of every eight workers in the United States: Cited in “Welcome to McDonald’s,” McDonald’s Corporation, 1996. annually hires about one million people: This is my own estimate, based on the following: McDonald’s has about 14,000 restaurants in the United States, each employing about 50 crew members; a conservative estimate of the turnover rate among McDonald’s crew members is about 150 percent; having a workforce of roughly 700,000 and an annual turnover rate of 150 percent requires the hiring of about 1 million new workers every year. In its promotional literature, the Mc-Donald’s Corporation claims to have “surpassed the U.S. Army as the nation’s largest training organization.” Given how McDonald’s actually “trains” its workers, I have...
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