Fast Food Nation

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Unformatted text preview: with Fred Zerza. 117 Simplot, Lamb Weston, and McCain now control: This is a conservative estimate, based on discussions with a variety of industry sources. a $70 million advertising campaign: See Constance L. Hays, “Burger King Campaign Is Promoting New Fries,” New York Times, December 11, 1997. Idaho’s potato output surpassed Maine’s: Potato Statistics, Economic Research Service, USDA. 117 Since 1980, the tonnage of potatoes grown in Idaho: Figures for 1980 courtesy of Paul Patterson; 1999 figures from the National Agricultural Statistical Service. Out of every $1.50 spent: A large order of fries weighs about one-quarter of a pound. It takes about a half pound of fresh potatoes to make a quarter pound of fries. A typical farm price for fresh processing potatoes is $4 to $5 per hundredweight — or 4 to 5 cents a pound. It costs about $1,500 an acre: Interview with Paul Patterson. 118 needs to receive about $5 per hundredweight: Ibid. as low as $1.50 per hundredweight: Ibid. Idaho has lost about half: Interview with Bert Moulton. the amount of land devoted to potatoes: Idaho Agricultural Statistics Service...
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