Fast Food Nation

204 can contaminate 32000 pounds cited in armstrong

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Unformatted text preview: “Workers Stiffed: Death and Injury Rates among American Workers Soar, and the Government Has Never Cared Less,” Washington Monthly, November 1992. Henry Wolf had been overcome: See “Liberal Packing Plant Fined $960,” U PI, October 19, 1983. 179 its 1,300 inspectors: See Kenneth B. Noble, “The Long Tug-of-War over What Is How Hazardous; For OSHA, Balance Is Hard to Find,” New York Times, January 10, 1988; and Christopher Drew, “Regulators Slow Down as Packers Speed Up,” Chicago Tribune, October 26, 1988. more than 5 million workplaces: Cited in “Here’s the Beef,” p. 4. A typical American employer: Cited in Susannah Zak Figura, “The New OSHA,” Government Executive, May 1997. The number of OSHA inspectors: See Noble, “The Long Tug of War”; and Drew, “Regulators Slow Down.” a new policy of “voluntary compliance”: See “Here’s the Beef,” p. 3. While the number of serious injuries rose: See Christopher Drew, “A Chain of Setbacks for Meat Workers,” Chicago Tribune, October 25, 1988. “appear amazingly stupid to yo...
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