Fast Food Nation

22 the hamburger habit is just about as safe quoted

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Unformatted text preview: tistics, U.S. Department of Labor, December 2000. 172 roughly forty thousand men and women: The meatpacking industry now has about 147,600 workers, and at least 26.7 percent of them suffer workplace injuries and illnesses. See “Industries with the Highest Nonfatal Total Cases.” Thousands of additional injuries and illnesses: At some plants, as many as half of the workers may be hurt each year. You need spend only an hour or so with a roomful of poor Latino meatpacking workers to get a sense of how many serious injuries are never reported. Poultry plants can be largely mechanized: Despite the higher level of mechanization, workers in the poultry industry have one of the nation’s highest rates of injury and illness, largely due to the repetitive nature of the work and the speed of the production line. 173 roughly thirty-three times higher than the national average: In 1999 the incidence of repeated trauma injuries in private industry was 27.3 per 10,000 workers; in the poultry indust...
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