Fast Food Nation

233 it battles labor unions interview with siegfried

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Unformatted text preview: Union-Tribune, February 25, 1998. “This recent outbreak sheds light”: Quoted in “Meat Institute Urges Federal and State Agencies to Adopt Industry Guidelines Proven to Prevent E. coli 0157:H7 in Hamburgers,” PR Newswire, February 4, 1993. “The presence of bacteria in raw meat”: Quoted in Fox, Spoiled, p. 252. 208 had waited a week before acknowledging: See Robert Goff, “Coming Clean: After Its Tragic Outbreak of E. coli, Jack in the Box Quickly Fixed Its Food Handling,” Forbes, May 17, 1999. 210 A study of campaign contributions: See “The Captive Congress,” a chapter in Safety Last, as well as the statistical tables, pp. 9–21, 76–90. 212 p rosecutors claimed… Both men were later found innocent: See Scott Bauer, “Prosecutors: Former Hudson Foods Officials Lied about Meat Recall,” AP, November 10,1999; “Tyson Unit Acquitted of Lying in Beef Recall; Hudson Quality Control Director Also Cleared,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, December 4, 1999. health officials in Nevada did not learn from the company: FSIS Recall Policy Public Meeting. “had not been fully tes...
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