Fast Food Nation

241 p er capita consumption of carbonated soft drinks

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Unformatted text preview: SPS 400: Information Update,” a manual published by Frigoscandia Equipment, the manufacturer of steam pasteurization units. by about 90 percent: Ibid. “We have been informed that carcasses”: IBP memo from Dean Danilson to Leo Lang re: outrail cattle, May 19, 1997. 217 The dirtiest meat was to be shipped out: When the memo leaked in June of 1998, IBP denied that it was shipping contaminated meat to outside suppliers, claimed its unusual outrail policy had been devised solely to address shelf-life concerns — and said that, in any event, the policy was no longer in effect. Gary Mickelson, an IBP spokesman, repeated the same assertions to me, adding that “IBP’s quality and food safety programs… are considered by many to be the ‘best’ in the industry. We will not sell any products — whether it be boxed beef or beef carcasses that we do not believe are safe for human consumption.” See also “Ground Beef Guidelines Are Insufficient, STOP Says,” Food Chemical News, June 8, 1998. research for the Star Wars antimissile program: See “Titan to Put Whammy on Food Bact...
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