Fast Food Nation

244 largest purchaser of agricultural commodities in

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Unformatted text preview: be better off eating a carrot stick”: Quoted in Usha Lee McFarling, “Homey Kitchens Become Killers Before Our Eyes,” Austin American-Statesman, August 12, 1998. sixty to one hundred other mutant E. coli organisms… Perhaps a third of them cause illnesses: Interview with Dr. David Acheson. 222 roughly 37,000 Americans suffer: Mead et al., “Food-Related Illness and Death.” A 1997 undercover investigation by KCBS-TV: See Richard Martin, “L.A. County Cracks Down on Food-Safety Violators,” Nation’s Restaurant News, December 1, 1997. three teenage employees at a Burger King: See “Police Say Two Teens Tampered with Food,” AP, May 10, 2000, and “Burger King Employees Charged,” AP, May 11, 2000. 10. Global Realization Few West Germans are familiar with the unusual history of Plauen, though it is abundantly detailed in a number of locally published books. Plauen: auf historischen Postkarten (Plauen, Germany: Plauen Verlag, 1991), by Frank Weiss, uses old postcards to illustrate the history of the city during its most prosperous era. Plauen: 1933-19...
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