Fast Food Nation

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Unformatted text preview: 226 the city’s population roughly tripled: See Weiss, Plauen: Postkarten, pp. 3–4. the most millionaires… and the most suicides: Interview with Thomas Küttler. Also cited in Connelly, “Moment of Revolution.” the highest unemployment rate: In 1933 the unemployment rate in Plauen was 15.6 percent, the highest in Germany. Cited in Plauen 1933–1945, p. 55. 227 More bombs were dropped on Plauen: About 63.2 tons of explosives were dropped on each square kilometer of Dresden; about 185.4 tons per square kilometer struck Plauen. Cited in Laser et al., Plauen 1944/1945, p. 14. about 75 percent of Plauen lay in ruins: Küttler interview. lost one-third of its prewar population: Cited in Weiss, Plauen: Postkarten, p. 4. an “unusually low quality of life”: Connelly, “Plauen: Moment of Revolution.” 228 “We want freedom”: Küttler interview. 229 “McDonald’s and similar abnormal garbage-makers”: Quoted in “Ban the ‘Big Mac’ from East Germany, Parliamentarian Demands,”...
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