Fast Food Nation

264 more than 500000 people become ill ibid on

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Unformatted text preview: ed in George Lazurus, “You Won’t Find a McDonald’s on Unspoiled Tahiti,” Adweek, January 13, 1986. “A McDonald’s restaurant is just the window”: Quoted in Latha Venkatraman, “Keeping That Lettuce Crisp,” Business Line, July 5, 1999. 231 “It’s a great little country”: Simplot interview. “Kids are the same regarding”: Quoted in “Barbie, McDonald’s Find Common Ground,” Selling to Kids, September 30, 1998. 231 the number of fast food restaurants roughly tripled: Cited in Richard Martin, “Special Report: Down Under’s Bloomin’ Dining Wonders,” Nation’s Restaurant News, October 7, 1996. Ronald McDonald knew: Cited in Kay M. Hammond, Allan Wylie, and Sally Casswell, “The Extent and Nature of Televised Food Advertising to New Zealand Children and Adolescents,” Australian & New Zealand Journal of Public Health, February 1999. “funny, gentle, kind”: Quoted in Golden Arches East, p. 64. Coca-Cola is now the favorite drink… McDonald’s serves their favorite food: Cited in “Developmental, Cultural Issues Ke...
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