Fast Food Nation

289 20 percent of its farmland cited in paul geitner

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Unformatted text preview: xpert on meatpacking who heads the Department of Geography at the University of Michigan, provided much information and encouragement. Most of all, I am grateful to the injured meatpacking workers who shared their stories with me: Kenny Dobbins, Hector Reyes, Raul Lopez, Rita Beltran, Dora Sanchez, and Michael Glover, among others. Their suffering cannot adequately be put into words. Page 272 the agency would “expedite”: Quoted in Lawrence K. Altman, “Cow Disease Sparks Voluntary Rules on Feed,” New York Times, March 30, 1996. “keen consumers of beef burgers”: Quoted in Claire O’Brien, “Scant Data Cause Widespread Concern,” Science, March 29, 1996. American cattle were eating about 2 billion pounds: According to the USDA, the rendering industry at the time handled about 7.6 million tons of ruminant protein per year, about 5.5 million tons of it derived from cattle. Approximately 13 percent of the animal protein handled by industry (992,099 tons) was used in cattle feed. I have converted the tons into pounds to...
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