Fast Food Nation

46000 miles of road 1956 interstate our food was

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Unformatted text preview: ’s.” spends more money on advertising and marketing: Interview with Lynn Fava, Competitive Media Reporting. the world’s most famous brand: See “McDonald’s Wins Top Spot in Global Brand Ratings,” Brand Strategy, November 22, 1996. more playgrounds than any other private entity: Its nearest rival, Burger King, operates about one-quarter the number of playgrounds. one of the nation’s largest distributors of toys: According to the British newspaper the Evening Standard, in 1998 McDonald’s purchased 1.3 billion toys from Chinese manufacturers. Cited in Lachlan Colquhoun, “McDonald’s Soars to Success in Chinese Fast Food Market,” Evening Standard, October 21, 1999. 96 p ercent could identify Ronald McDonald: Cited in “Welcome to McDonald’s.” The only fictional character with a higher degree: Max Boas and Steve Chain express some reservations about the accuracy of this study, which was conducted by McDonald’s, but I find it credible. A more recent study, conducted...
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