Fast Food Nation

5 million see large metropolitan areas population

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Unformatted text preview: ted”: Quoted in Elliot Jaspin and Scott Montgomery, “U.S. Mum on Fast Food Recalls,” Cox News Service, August 18, 1997, Jaspin and Montgomery have written a number of fine investigative pieces on the USDA and the meatpacking industry. “We live in a very litigious society”: Quoted ibid. 213 The USDA now informs the public: Interview with Elizabeth Gaston, USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service. “Its very frustrating for us”: Quoted in Allison Young and Jeff Taylor, “Stealthy Meat Recalls Leave Consumers in Dark,” Denver Post, May 13, 1999. See also Allison Beers, “Recalls Present Tough Decisions for Food Companies,” Food Chemical News, May 4, 1998; and Pan Demetrakakes, “Backlash: Recalls,” Food Processing August 1, 1999. “Press releases will not identify”: Quoted in “Recall of Meat and Poultry Products,” FSIS Directive, January 19, 2000. A recent IBP press release: “Ground Beef Product Recall,” IBP news release, June 23, 2000. 214 Nowhere does the press release mention: The...
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