Fast Food Nation

71 a 1999 conference on foodservice equipment the

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Unformatted text preview: Cola has set itself the goal: See Dean Foust, “Man on the Spot: Nowadays Things Go Tougher at Coke,” Business Week, May 3, 1999. “Influencing elementary school students”: Kent Steinriede, “Sponsorship scorecard 1999,” Beverage Industry, January 1999. 54 “We at McDonald’s are thankful”: Quoted in Ernest Holsendorph, “Keeping McDonald’s Out in Front: ‘Gas’ Is No Problem; Chicken May Be Served,” New York Times, December 30, 1973. McDonald’s sells more Coca-Cola: Cited in “Welcome to McDonald’s.” about $4.25 a gallon: According to Business Week, Burger King annually pays Coke $170 million for 40 million gallons of syrup. That works out to a cost of about $4.25 a gallon — or 3.3 cents an ounce. It is safe to assume that McDonald’s, an even larger customer, buys its syrup at a price that is equivalent, if not lower. See Foust, “Man on the Spot.” A medium Coke that sells for $1.29: The standard soft drink ratio is one part syrup to five parts carbonated water. A small Coke at McDonald’s contains about 2.6 ounc...
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