Fast Food Nation

A taste for fat developed in childhood is difficult

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Unformatted text preview: industry’s record profits the previous year, adding without irony, “As if things weren’t good enough, consumers also dropped all pretense of wanting healthy food.” An ongoing industry survey had found that public concerns about salt, fat, and food additives were at their lowest level since 1982, when the survey began — one more bit of news to justify the industry’s “current state of bliss.” Another executive, a self-described “sensory evaluation spet,” emphasized the importance of pleasant smells. He noted that Las Vegas resorts were now experimenting with “signature scents” in their casinos, hoping the subtle aromas would subconsciously make people gamble more money. Robert Nugent, the head of Jack in the Box and honorary chairman of the Twenty-sixth Annual Chain Operators Exchange, broke the cheery mood with an ominous, unsettling speech. He essentially accused critics of the fast food industry of being un-American. “A growing number of groups who represen...
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