Fast Food Nation

Abc had obtained corporate documents showing that

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Unformatted text preview: Assistant Labor Secretary John A. Pender-grass, quoted in Shabecoff, “OSHA Seeks $2.59 Million Fine.” difficult to prove “conclusively”: “Here’s the Beef,” p. 19. fined $2.6 million by OSHA: Shabecoff, “OSHA Seeks $2.59 Million.” fined an additional $3.1 million: Woutat, “Meatpacker IBP Fined $3.1 Million.” fines were reduced to $975,000: See Christopher Drew, “IBP Agrees to Injury Plan,” Chicago Tribune, November 23, 1988; Marianne Lavelle, “When Fines Collapse: Critics Target OSHA’s Settlements,” National Law Journal, December 4, 1989. about one one-hundredth of a percent: According to Robert L. Peterson, IBP’s revenues that year were about $8.8 billion. “IBP’s Presentation at the New York Society of Security Analysts,” Business Wire, October 28, 1988. a worker named Kevin Wilson: My account of the Wilson case is based upon John Taylor, “Ex-IBP Worker Gets $15 Million in Damage Award,” Omaha World-Herald, December 3,1994; “Opinion,” Kevin Wilson v IBP, Inc...
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