Fast Food Nation

About half of the nations chicken growers leave the

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Unformatted text preview: s tied up in the land.” Instead of buying their own ranches, the meatpacking companies have been financing a handful of large feedlot owners who lease ranches and run cattle for them. “It’s just another way of controlling p rices through captive supply,” Pitts explained. “The packers now own some of these big feeders lock, stock, and barrel, and tell them exactly what to do.” the breasts of mr. mcdonald MANY RANCHERS NOW FEAR that the beef industry is deliberately being restructured along the lines of the poultry industry. They do not want to wind up like chicken growers — who in recent years have become virtually powerless, trapped by debt and by onerous contracts written by the large processors. The poultry industry was also transformed by a wave of mergers in the 1980s. Eight chicken processors now control about two-thirds of the American market. These processors have shifted almost all of their production to the rural South, where the weather tends to be mild, the workforce is poor, unions are weak, and farmers are desperate to find some way of staying on their land. Alabama, Ar...
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