Fast Food Nation

Afterword the meaning of mad cow since writing fast

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Unformatted text preview: the biggest restaurant company in Germany: See Richard Martin, “Germany Shows Appetite for ‘Fun’ Themes and Foreign Flavors,” Nation’s Restaurant News, April 17, 1995. 233 It battles labor unions: Interview with Siegfried Pater. the number of franchised outlets: See “Germany-Franchising Market,” Industry Sector Analysis, U.S. Foreign & Commercial Service, U.S. State Department, July 7, 1998. “The partnership scheme will undoubtedly be”: Quoted in “German Wal-Mart Stores to Feature McDonald’s Restaurants,” Evening Standard, August 12, 1999. The McDonald’s Corporation denied: See Steve Nichol, “Protesters Lambaste Mc-Donald’s; Picketers Say Restaurant Is Trivializing Holocaust,” Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, January 28, 1997. After the curator of the Dachau Museum complained: Interview with Barbara Distil. “Welcome to Dachau”: Ibid. The McDonald’s at Dachau is one-third of a mile: According to the odometer on my rental car. 234 Las Vegas is the fastest-growing major city: See “...
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